Sustainable Sites assignment
This was my first ever "infographic" type assignment, and I had no idea what to do. I made this drawing using crayons and sharpies, already imagining the disdain of my classmates (who were mostly architecture and design students) when I put it up on the wall for the design critique. When it came time for the design critique, I decided I wanted feedback on it right away so I could make my assignments better for the future. To my surprise, the crayon drawing drew a lot of compliments from my classmates; all of the advice focused on the text and content...
Below is the revised assignment, with edits to the text and layout. I also used an extra page to expand more on the analysis.
Materials/Product Lifecycle Assignment
Later, we were asked to do a material analysis, with the option of focusing on a specific product. I chose climbing rope (which is made of a single material), since I worked with it but had no understanding of its lifecycle. My first version is below.
This really needed a revision, and I learned a lot from the instructor and my peers about ways to improve it from one-on-one discussions. For the revised version below, I focused on simplifying the layout and highlighting key phrases to make the text easier to digest. I also added an extra page for recommendations with a full color image.
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