LikeLike is an app to help kids and young adults, especially young boys, navigate their first crushes. This prototype was a personal initiative created as an early part of an on-going, collaborative design research project called Being A Boy, working with Sophie Carrillo Miranda, Zihan Chen, Evie Cheung, and Carly Simmons.
With nearly 70% of children ages 10 and older using their own smartphones, our target audience is already looking online for relationship advice and mostly finding resources for adults: TV shows, movies, social media, and porn comprise the majority of the “educational” resources children find. Without resources to turn to, many young adults act out, suppress their feelings, and generally struggle to address romantic attraction in positive ways. LikeLike helps guide young adults toward healthy, consenting relationships... or handle rejection. As an app, LikeLike gives the smartphone-enabled generation privacy as well as full autonomy over access and is targeted at boys ages 10 and older who need spaces like this to express themselves.
Levels allow users to track their progress and make the app feel more game-like. Each one invites the user to reflect on some aspect of their feelings or relationship with the subject. 
The app mockup was made using Adobe XD. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from school teachers in charge of sexual health curricula, sexual violence prevention experts, and young men of the target age group during a series a interviews. While LikeLike was ultimately dropped from the Being A Boy project, I plan to move forward with it on my own time.
Click through the the embedded mockup below! Click anywhere on the app screen to begin.
Below: Adobe XD screens and connections.
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