The Starshine Plush Light is an elegant pillow by day and a softly glowing, comforting presence by night. The LED light mimics starlight and provides just enough illumination without ruining night-vision, just like a clear, starry night.
Project for Making Studio class, with the objective of combining sewing and electronics to make a plush night light.
Synopsis: "For anyone (like me) who feels a rush of exhilaration when they look up at the infinite patterns of stars in a clear night sky. For anyone who misses that when living in brightly-lit urban places.
For anyone attracted to star-signs, constellations, and the rustic-modern aesthetic. Or anyone looking for a great birthday gift.
The Starshine Light is not intended to replace the dazzling stars that exist just beyond the dome of urban light pollution, but rather serve as a reminder to not take for granted the star patterns that have guided us since before the dawn of civilization."
Using white LEDs and quilted cotton fabric, the star pattern is easily customizable to favorite constellations or zodiac symbols. It is currently powered using three external AAA batteries, but rechargeable internal power packs or wall plug-ins could be options for the future. Wiring the LEDs in parallel using 1k Ohm resistors allows for low current draw and a relatively long battery life. Hand-embroidery helps identify each constellation, like one might on a star map.
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